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Building an RPA Business Case

No matter where you are on your RPA journey, you will always be faced with one issue. Namely, building an objective business case for RPA. 

We have a solution that assists in detailing the TIME and COST savings that RPA would have on a particular process.

Below we detail exactly how the solution can assist your RPA team

Process Mapping

Simple to use User Interface to map out your processes step by step, assign responsibilities, create job descriptions, attach relevant information, create icons, create dropdown processes and link processes.

Process Quantification

Have an immediate understanding of the time and costs associated to each process, who spends time on each process and be able to building volume and FTE simulations. 

RPA Business Case

Build RPA business cases on the fly by simply answering drop down questions per step of a process. From this, you and your team will have a high-level understanding of the time and costs that RPA would have on each specific process.

RPA Pipeline

Build a RPA pipeline by having an objective view of all your automatable processes together with the potential benefits that RPA would bring to each individual process. 

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