Benefits of Digitising

Human Resources

Digitising business has become a common term from SMBs right through to enterprise. Due to the impact that digitisation has on change management and employee operations HR has a critical part to play and is often the reason why these digitisation initiatives are headed by HR department. However, besides assisting organisations as a whole, digitisation has a part to play with the HR function. This mainly includes:

Paper trail is replaced by a digital trail

We have talked with people who manage warehouses full of files. The result is a morass of paper, cabinets, lost or misplaced documents — and stress. Digitising this process enforces accountability and ensures their is a full audit trail to all tasks. With the introduction of data protection laws it is critical that this information is properly managed with a full audit trail.

Future Proofing Recruitment and Reducing Employee Turnover

Smooth mobile experiences, data-driven pre-selection processes, employee career guidance and personalized, AI-based onboarding programs, are just a few reasons for digitising HR, thereby, improving the employees experience in your business.

Enforcing HR Processes

HR is riddled with stringent processes and procedures that need to comply with corporate governance as well as external frameworks. Think Incident responses, COVID-19 compliance, employee termination, recruitment, leave, etc all follow very specific processes that are specific to your organisation and require a full audit trail - enter Digitisation 

Employee Training and Development

Developing employees is a  critical component within HR. Digitisation can assist HR managers in giving them the surety that employees have completed the correct training in alignment with organisation goals as well as personal employee career aspirations.

Automating Mundane, Repetitive activities

Automation allows certain activities such as employee onboarding/offboarding, employee data management, performance management, CV screening and payroll processing to be done reliably and accurately whilst ensuring that every step is done in a compliant manner factoring in corporate governance. 

Encourages collaboration

Digitising HR as well as the business as a whole ensures that there is collaboration both internally (Legal with HR with Finance for recruitment) as well as externally (HR Department with external suppliers). This ensures that everyone from the CEO to the newly employed intern are properly aligned with operational and strategic goals. 

Greater Insights

Imagine having access to metrics such as absence rate/cost, Net Promoter Score, % Cost of Workforce, Turnover Rate, Training Effectiveness, etc. How would that benefit your daily responsibilities and facilitate reporting to the board. Digitisation gives you access to this an more.