What is the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a pretty simple concept, essentially it refers to connecting all things in the world to the internet. This means that you can both send and receive information from any person, animal or device that is connected to the internet. Taking that idea you can connect people to machines, people to people and machines to machines, making IoT one of the most exciting and useful technologies to enter the business world. 

What we offer within IoT

We utilise IoT to solve real world problems by using sensors and monitors to receive or send information in real time to optimise business operations. These opportunities for optimisation are relevant in every single industry and information on industry specific examples can be seen here.

In order to design and implement these solutions we offer the following:


IoT Platform

With all our solutions that we design we utilise an IoT platform. This platform has the ability to integrate with both new and old sensors to centralise all the information into one easy to use platform. This allows for custom dashboards to be created to deliver critical information in real time. 

Additionally, the platform has an underlying workflow engine that allows sensors to trigger events or specific processes.



Besides integrating into current sensors, we are distributors of a multitude of sensors that are completely dependent on the particular solution required. Sensors and monitors that we take to market include but are not limited to: motion, temperature, pressure, water, electricity, gas, contact, etc.