So what is Outsourced Business Development???

We operate in a similar fashion to that of an organisation outsourcing HR, accounting and legal. Depending on the maturity of the organisation, we have a solution to cater to your needs. For a start-up or small business we can essentially become the organisations sales team. For a larger organisation we become an extension of the sales team. Our performance is measured in exactly the same fashion as that of a traditional sales person with predetermined targets.


As part of your sales team, we offer the following business development services all with the goal to close more deals. 


Generating new leads is the initial step in any sales process. Consistent branding together with a strong online presence is what we look to help you with. Read More to understand the areas that we focus on to increase leads.


Managing a sales pipeline is an art in itself. Analysing metrics, dropping dead deals, focusing on the best deals and keeping sales cycles shorts are all part of our pipeline management offering.


We define a salesman's toolbox as anything a sales rep will need throughout the sales process. From marketing collateral to generate interest to proposal templates to ensure they closed in a timely manner. 

Read More as to what we help you develop

Account Management

We as Braeven will manage accounts even after deal closure ensuring that the client is always satisfied with the service he/she is receiving as well as inquiring on opportunities to up, down or cross sell another service or product.

Pipeline Review

As with an internal sales team we meet with you on a bi-weekly basis to assess the pipeline. During these discussion we evaluate all the deals in the pipeline and discuss each one individually to understand what can be done to move the deal to closure.

Large Salesforce

By engaging with Braeven you have immediate access to 10 active sales people that will actively sell for your organisation. Additionally, you will have access to our Associate Partner Network all with eyes and ears in the market to source new deals.

If you are on the fence of whether or not to employ an external business development company take a look at our top 9 reasons why one should consider outsourcing business development. 

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