What is partner channel development?

We often come across distributors in various industries that have numerous value added re-sellers in the market. However, they all seem to struggle with the same challenge which is that a majority of their sales come from 10-15% of their re-seller network. As Braeven, we offer a unique solution tot his challenge to ensure that your complete re-seller network is suitable skilled and equipped to increase sales for you as a distributor. 

Sales Mentorship

This consists of a senior member of our sales team working together with your value added re-sellers through a few of their active deals. This includes attending pitch meetings, compiling quality responses and ensuring your re-sellers have a clearly defined sales process that they follow to attract and close deals.


After our discussions we create a customized sales training course that will be unique to your product and environment. This will include basic industry sales knowledge as well as specific key areas that we have found require attention after meetings.  

Salesman's Toolbox

A salesman's toolbox is a repository of everything that a sales rep might need throughout the sales process from initial marketing collateral to generate interest to proposal templates. We assist in compiling this toolbox for your re-sellers.

Case Studies

Case studies are a proven means to communicate your solution with a client within a particular industry or business unit. We assist you in compiling an effective case study to showcase the value that your service or product creates be it financial, reduction in risk or optimised operations we will ensure your prospects understand the value that you deliver.

Product Education

Often we find that the message that re-sellers are taking to market is inconsistent which confuses prospects. During this step we physically sit with all the respective sales people and listen to their pitches to ensure that their is a clear Unique Selling Point and fix any differences.

White Papers

White papers are a great way to aid your sales team in convincing their prospects that your organisation is indeed thought leaders in the market you deal in and the correct choice in giving business to. We assist you in compiling these using a combination of our sales expertise and your experience in the market. 

Do you find that your channel partners are simply not delivering the targeted sales...? Why not Contact Us to find out what we can do to improve your sales.