Digitising Retail and Wholesale with RPA

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, can simply assist both wholesales and retailers in being more efficient, whilst proving a better customer experience for their clients.

Automation drives down costs in the whole value chain within Retail and Wholesale – from procurement to inventory management to sales and distribution. Retailers, distributors and wholesalers gain competitive advantage when RPA increases efficiency while improving and speeding up service.

RPA in eCommerce answers to increasing customer-centricity and efficiency requirements, directly enhancing customer experience. Payment processing, customer support, ERP and Logistics management all benefit from the quality improvements, speed and better data management that RPA yields.

Benefits of RPA in Retail and Wholesale

  1. Enhance Customer Experience

  2. Robots permit quicker response to customer requests and better management of customer data.

  3. Increase speed and productivity

  4. RPA speeds up processes and increases efficiency by removing manual work.

  5. Improve Data Quality

  6. Quality and accuracy are improved when data is updated faster and error-free.

  7. Higher Cost Saving

  8. RPA creates immediate direct cost savings and RPA investment's payback time is usually a few months.

RPA use cases in Retail and Wholesale

  • Sales process (sales history, new orders, order confirmations, changes in orders)

  • Updating price catalogues & product information

  • Sales analytics (audits with real-time data)

  • Agency agreement (discounts, payment conditions)

RPA use cases per function area

Customer Service

  • Processing orders, returns & reclamations

  • Customer communication and social media

  • Processing service requests

Finance and Accounting

  • Validating invoices

  • Checking sales

  • Bank/Debtor/Creditor Reconciliation

  • Accounting

  • Payment reminders

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Inventory management & Stock availability

  • Delivery management & tracking

  • Supply & demand planning

  • Forecasts

If you have a RPA query or would like to understand how your organisation could benefit from this exciting technology, please reach out and contact us.

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