What is Productisation???

Productisation is the process of conducting market research, generating collateral and analysing costing for a new product or service that you have generated. Whether you are a start-up with a new idea or a large corporate with an innovative product, you need to productise this to assist your potential clients to find you, quickly understand what you are offering and create a sense of urgency to purchase your service or product.


This is where Braeven can assist. We establish what we call a "Salesman's Toolbox" for your product or service. Essentially, it is a repository of all the document, templates, collateral, contracts, etc that a sales rep might need when engaging with a client. Depending on the maturity of collateral created by you will depend on how we as Braeven get involved  with the productisation process. If you are just starting, we will have our marketing team get involved in researching your ideal client, establishing an online presence and generating robust marketing collateral. Should you be further along, our sales team will aid in developing proposal templates, SLA contracts, white papers and case studies.


The Salesman's Toolbox consists of the following:

Online Presence

Creating an online presence through a website creation, social media pages and online branding is key to allow your target audience to easily find you and quickly understand your unique selling proposition.

Proposal Templates

Sales is about simplicity and speed. How easy is it for your customers to do business with you and efficient are you at providing a robust proposal. Have you considered the legal, HR, IT, financial, etc components of your value proposition. We assist in setting this all up to completely reduce the sales cycle.  

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral can include brochures, presentations and demo walk throughs so as to aid the sales team at each step of their respective sales cycles. 

Case Studies

Case studies are a proven means to communicate your solution with a client within a particular industry or business unit. We assist you in compiling an effective case study to showcase the value that your service or product creates be it financial, reduction in risk or optimised operations we will ensure your prospects understand the value that you deliver.

Market Analysis

If you are still in the early days of creating your service or product we can assist. Through a combination of social media surveys, statistic research and in-person meetings with industry leaders. We can quickly assist you to determine whether your product/service is viable. 

White Papers

White papers are a great way to aid your sales team in convincing their prospects that your organisation is indeed thought leaders in the market you deal in and the correct choice in giving business to. We assist you in compiling these using a combination of our sales expertise and your experience in the market. 

Have you got a new service or product that you are wanting to take to market but unsure how...? Why not Contacts Us and we can speed up your time to market.