Using Microsoft Hololens

To Transform Engineering

Watch the following 1 min video explaining Microsoft's Hololens offering

Use Cases for MS Hololens

Site Commissioning and Inspection

The Hololens can be used as part of the commissioning and inspection process by allowing technicians to follow a specific procedure, whilst recording important visual information for later consumption whether they are offline or online. 

Service and Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance is often carried out by manufacturers themselves, particularly for products which are complex or have proprietary tools and equipment needed for their repair, and the HoloLens allows engineers to do this in a much more accurate and time efficient manner. Best practices for using the HoloLens for maintenance include the ability to triage requests ahead of the visit, and enable hands-free remote guidance on site.

Complex Assembly

Assembly can be a lengthy and complex process, with multiple parts that have to go together in a specific order for the finished product to function as it should. In traditional assembly, manuals must be consulted which results in inefficiencies. Using the HoloLens allows manufacturers to have each step overlaid on the task at hand, enabling assembly workers to know exactly which step of the process to do, and how to do it.

Integrating Design and Manufacturing

The design process is inextricably linked to manufacturing, and good use of the HoloLens allows designers and manufacturers to collaborate to produce better products and streamline the manufacturing process on complex projects. A best practice in this instance involves creating 3D models of the products that can be altered and changed, so that mistakes and manufacturing issues can be detected before building begins.


The second most effective use case for the Hololens is training staff in the often convoluted processes involved in manufacturing and servicing complex equipment. VR is also a practical tool here. Instead of lengthy classroom demonstrations using video or 2D images, trainees are able to visualize the components from every angle, manipulate them and add or remove components in real time. Having better-trained staff ultimately results in improved products and more efficient processes when dealing with complex manufacturing projects.

Complex Sales and Visualisation

The Hololens an bring a proposed complex solution to life to view it in its final form. Whether it is understanding the layout of a room from an architectural perspective right through to the design of a complex manufacturing process, the Hololens will wow your audience and ensure that everyone is aligned.