Digitising the Manufacturing

Supply Chain

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 Manufacturing supply Chains have to continuously adopt new systems and machinery in order to remain competitive and relevant in the market. The issue for Supply Chain Execs and Procurement is lack of visibility. However the following page discusses the need to digitise the overall manufacturing supply chain:

Paper trail is replaced by a digital trail

We have talked with people who manage warehouses full of files. The result is a morass of paper, cabinets, lost or misplaced documents — and stress. Digitising this process enforces accountability and ensures their is a full audit trail to all tasks. 

Eliminate redundancy

So much activity in an organization is duplicative (or, worst, wasteful.) Digitising the supply chain helps to identify up-front the critical points of activity, enabling you to define specific actions, participants and results that should occur.

No stopping for signatures

Electronic signature technology on eForms allows for fast approvals (including executives on the go) and the reduction in time lost as a result of waiting for paper-based signatures.

A better understanding of how time relates to action

Business activities are deadlines driven. Digitising the supply chain provide triggers that keep processes moving according to a timeline, enabling participants to see precisely when and where input is required.

Automation focuses on activities

A Digitised Supply Chain has the ability to create automated workflows allows you to set up processes, then let them run. The majority of work that occurs within processes can be automated, freeing up time and allowing you and your team to focus on more strategic activities.

Encourages collaboration

Whether through more access points (mobile, Internet of Things), communication channels (social media), or platform (on-premise, cloud, hybrid), a solid workflow solution gives everyone involved with your processes—both inside and outside of your firewall—the appropriate level of access along with the BPM tools to make a difference.

Greater Insights

Your business processes are meant to deliver results. You should know what is happening within your operation at any point in time. Workflow is important because it gives you regular insights into what is occurring within your processes, the people involved, and a sense for how effectively your organization meet its deadlines.

Improves Supplier Relationships

A digitised supply chain includes a vendor portal thereby improving the communication between you and your vendors/suppliers. This also ensures that your supply chain is fully integrated with your vendors so that they are fully aware of your needs.