Virtual Reality Showroom

Create a fully interactive digital showroom to showcase your products, conduct expos, hold conferences, brand activations and anything else your imagination can think of. 

Create a showroom

of your products

Have the ability to import any of your products into the environment with no limitations on space or the number of people allowed in at once. Showcase a simulation of your products within a live environment.

Take a look at how a fashion designer is using VR to showcase their latest designs - especially when mass gatherings are difficult

Discover how Bio Korea is hosting their 1st virtual expo

Host Brand activations for internal and external people

Our showroom is ready to go with the ability to import and present videos, presentation and any other collateral that you might want to show to the world. This can extend to hosting conferences, expos, meetings, workshops and more.

Simulate Real World Training Environments

You have the ability to simulate real world environments to run simple introductory orientations all the way to training your technical team on new upgrades to particular machinery and/or equipment.

Take a look at how Linde is currently training their operators

The best part about virtual reality is that the possibilities are literally endless. We have a ready to use environment and can get you and your team up and running within 2 WEEKS.

Book a meeting with us today and we will invite you into our own virtual showroom.