Conversational AI Voice Technology

Conversational AI Self-Service solution includes everything an enterprise needs to address their omni-channel CX strategy, with impressive cost-savings and improved CX across voice and digital channels. Our solution provides a seamless human-like conversational experience for self-service across all channels.

Omni-channel Conversational Platform

The tool can interact with users via Speech, Text, or GUI input; inbound and outbound from the IVR, Web-Chat or even from any enabled Mobile application, delivering true continuity for seamless cross-channel service in the form.

The tool is able to understand customer requests and intents with human-like accuracy. Because the engine is context aware and retains memory, it is capable of running entire end-to-end conversations with customers.

This all with real time monitoring 


Speech Recognition

The tool currently recognises 21 languages including English (US, Canada, UK, & South Africa), Spanish, Russian, Polish, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Greek. We are able to achieve Word Error Rates of less than half of legacy incumbent providers. 

For all primary languages the tool offers adapted acoustic and language models that cover the accent and dialectic variations within the country. This means that it can understand strong accents, slang and ethnic vocabulary that made companies nervous about new speech technologies

If the language is not there we will develop it within only 2 months...

Voice Biometrics

Customers speak freely in a natural language conversation and our technology will be able to identify their biometric voice print to authenticate them. This feature ensures:

  • No need for active authentication

  • Integrates biometrics and security questions

  • No need for special passphrases

  • Decreases live-agent-talk-time

This all results in a happier customer as less time is spent on each phone call

Fraud Prevention

Anti-fraud measures are built into the tool allowing the tool to challenge callers with additional security questions up and above the biometric voiceprint score. Additionally, the anti-fraud features include:

  • Geo-location crosschecks

  • Call Audio and Telephony Analysis

  • Hand crafted MO analysis

  • Device type analysis

  • Credit Card profiling& scoring

  • Support for Caller ID whitelist and blacklist