9 reasons to outsource your sales

We are consistently meeting people from different walks of life where the topic of what we do comes up. After explaining the concept they call it innovative, inventive and a "brilliant idea." But, why should you, a technology leader, outsource your sales? We have put together the top 10 reasons why we think technology organisations should outsource their sales to us...

Target Underserved Markets

Small businesses, mid-market, and even enterprise companies are often stretched when it comes to having enough salespeople to cover different territories and industries. In addition, companies often have numerous business leads available to them that they’re unable to pursue due to resource constraints.


As part of your long term market strategy, an outsourced sales agency can focus on developing specific vertical or geographic markets. Meanwhile, companies can also use an outsourced sales team to test new approaches to sales and product positioning. From there, the results can be analyzed and fine-tuned before being extended to a larger base of customers and prospects.

Break out of Silos

The reality is many teams operate in a silo. Most internal sales teams, for instance, don’t regularly collaborate with marketing or other departments. Additionally, each team may not approach issues holistically and instead maintains a laser focus on departmental tasks. Outsourcing sales often helps companies manage to outcomes in a more direct way. An external team is better positioned to work cross-functionally within an organization, to improve the overall sales execution. An outsourcer may also be able to work with shorter timeframes that are difficult to accomplish internally.

Reduce Cost of Sales

Insourcing a sales team can be very expensive if you take training, travel costs, company benefits and any other expenses that are related to hiring an individual. 

Therefore, an outsourced alternative can bring about drastic costs in overheads allowing your organisation to increase profits. 


Reduce Hiring Risks

Hiring a sales person is a very expensive and difficult tasks to perform, one which can take organisations months to follow through successfully. Additionally, there are expensive risks after hiring an individual that is not performing, specifically around removing that individual from your organisation.

Furthermore, your sales funnel is bound to leak, at least a little, at every stage of the game. If you don’t know how to diagnose certain issues, or lack understanding of why you may be losing leads at any certain stage of the game, it can affect your revenue bottom line, without a direct recourse method—which can cost you big.

We counter both these risks by having vast experience in sales pipeline management and our engagement with you is B2B. This means that breaking ties can be quick without a lengthy spell in labour court.


Promote Sales Performance

An outsourced sales organization can spur internal teams to ramp up their operations. Adding an outsourced sales partner to work alongside an internal team provides an external benchmark for excellent performance that can help raise the performance level across the board. An outsourcer also brings fresh ideas, new perspectives, and best practices to the table. 

Additionally, by utilising an organisations that specialises in sales and business development, you are leveraging a company culture that lives and breathes revenue goals with a money making attitude. Sales peoples'loyalties are in their pocket. As such, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a large sales team thats goal is to deliver sales and fast. 


Focus on Operations

Every start-up and SME without a sales team suffers from the same problem that we have seen occur time and time again. Time is spent interchangeably between sales and operations. As such, when one is being performed the other suffers. The following graph best describes the effect of not having a dedicated sales team in your organisation.


Take advantage of Industry


Outsourcing your sales to us allows you to leverage a team that has a combined experience of over 100 years within technology sales. 

Additionally, you leverage the individuals within our sales team that have specific industry experience which include mining, construction, banking, insurance, telecommunications and healthcare to make sure that your proposal speak to that industry and that you have every chance of closing the deal no matter the industry or business unit that you are dealing with.


Speed to Market

When you outsource your sales team, we already have resources ready to get your team running, so you save time because your sales team is hired and trained faster, which means they are making sales faster.

Additionally, should you have a new product or service we can expose you to multiple industries and business units within the 1st month. This will allow you and your team to make any necessary changes to price or functionality without committing large amounts of capital. 


Leapfrog Technology Constraints

Investing in the latest tools is one thing. Having the knowledge and expertise to leverage those tools is another. It’s not just about having the tools, it’s about knowing how to get the most value out of them. That's why you need sales professionals who are experts at cutting edge sales and analytics tools.

Companies can save time and achieve time-to-market benefits by outsourcing to a partner with state-of-the-art data and technology environments. For example, companies can benefit from the use of an outsourced partner’s analytics tools. Data analytics can provide salespeople many insights, such as the best time to call a customer or to extend an offer. Also, artificial intelligence combined with analytics can help sales leaders analyze thousands of data points. This, in turn, provides a deeper understanding of prospect needs.