What is Business Workflow?

A business workflow is a repeatable process that consists of a series of tasks that generally need to be completed in a specific sequence. Think of it as work flowing from one stage to the next until it is finished. Workflows are useful for ensuring that important processes are done the right way every time, whilst ensuring compliance, accountability without the need to micro-manage. Every Department, specifically, HR, Finance, Procurement, IT and SHEQ can benefit from a workflow tool.

IT Department

IT consistently get asked to automate processes within business from an optimisation, governance and accountability perspective. Our tool allows IT to quickly deploy these tools in a sustainable manner. Additionally, due to the tools ability to integrate with multiple systems, we have enabled IT teams to centralise the front end of multiple systems. This is specifically useful for organisations that are struggling to consolidate systems and get users to accurately use each system effectively. 


Procurement requires the most stringent of processes to be followed to enforce governance, compliance and increase accountability. We assist procurement departments to establish the following processes:

  • E-procure procurement process

  • CAPEX and OPEX Procurement Process

  • Stock/non-stock procurement process

  • Onboarding a new vendor

  • Contract Administration/SLA Management

  • Tender Management

  • Establishing a Vendor Management Portal

  • Etc



Human Resources

The ability to ensure that specific procedures are followed in an organisation can assist HR with the following processes:

  • Leave Requisition Process

  • Grievance Submissions

  • Termination Process

  • Recruitment Process

  • Leave Applications

  • On and Off boarding staff members

  • etc


The SHEQ department requires that processes are followed to the nth degree so as to avoid accidents from occurring. A Workflow solution assist SHEQ Managers to enforce the following processes within the business:

  • Capture and Documenting Audit Processes

  • Incident Response

  • Non-Conformance Process

  • Impact Identification Process

  • COVID-19 Processes

  • Etc




The need to follow strict procedures is the most important within finance. As such, we have assisted finance department standardise the following processes:

  • Treasury Management

  • Expense Management

  • Billing and Credit Processes

  • OPEX and CAPEX approval

  • Investment Appraisal

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable

  • Travel Management

  • Working Capital Management

  • Etc