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What is Zinia Managed Services (ZMS) ?

The ZMS offering includes a centralised view of the following:

  • Your IT Architecture. The overarching methodology of your environment and how IT is setup

  • Your internal network including Routers, switches, Wi-Fi, cabling, access points, firewall, etc

  • Your Devices including Servers (physical or virtual), laptops, desktops, mobile devices, telephones, PBX’s, printers

  • Your Operating Systems including Windows, Android, Linux and Apple

  • Your applications including Accounting, payroll, CRM, security, anti-virus, office productivity, mail archiving

  • Your Redundancy including impacts of downtime (financially and operationally), vulnerability to ransomware and backups

  • Internet Connectivity

So how does ZMS work...


1. Automation of Tasks


  • Automation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and management of desktops, server hardware and OS server application, MS Exchange server, SQL server and active directory network devices.

  • Patch management across multiple sites on windows and non-windows at a secure level on or off site optimised for resource usage.

  • Time Savings​

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity of IT staff

  • No need to hire more IT staff

  • Minimise interruptions to staff productivity

  • Maintain maximum health of your IT network

  • Update software without disrupting employees

  • Reduce Risk of cyber attacks

2. Pro-active monitoring & self-Healing


  • Real-time monitoring of workstations, servers,server applications and network devices. This allows for self-healing scripts to conduct preventative maintenance

  • Remotely monitor all connected network devices to conduct security checks and monitor the performance of the network, mobile devices and virtual machines.


  • Frees staff time to be strategic

  • Reduced downtime by an average of 80%

  • Automatically fix issues without interrupting end users

  • minimise downtime

  • Be proactive in planning upgrades, maintenance, security and back-ups

  • Increas productivity of all your users

3. Reactive Problem Resolution


  • Reactive adhoc repair through insights provided by the ZMS dashboard clarifying where the error is and what needs to fixed

  • Troubleshoot IT issues over mobile devices and allowing you to run remote control sessions from your mobile device

  • Perform configs, maintenance and service management remotely


  • Speed up time to resolution

  • Have immediate remote support on incidents

  • Troubleshoot and solve user's problems from anywhere

  • One-click access to any device in 5 seconds

  • Increase employee productivity

4. Powerful Reporting

Have access to the following through one dashboard:

  1. Entire Overview of your IT architecture

  2. View of your internal network including warranties, uptimes and connectivity

  3. View of your devices including operating systems, warranties, antivirus, patching, etc

4.  All your software operating systems

5.  Application status across devices and servers

6.  Redundancy reports

7.  External network reports both internal and external

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